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Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Barpeta 1(1)

Effects of phytooestrogen versus conjugated oestrogen on vasomotor symptoms in surgical menopause: a comparative study

Binoy Kumar Borah


Purpose: To assess the efficacy, safety, and acceptability of phytooestrogen versus low dose conjugated oestrogen for reducing vasomotor symptoms in women with surgical menopause. Method: 64 nos. of women with surgical menopause having vasomotor symptoms within six weeks of postoperative period were randomly divided in equal two groups. One group was treated with conjugated oestrogen 0.625mg (premarin) daily and another with soya isoflavone (70%) 100 mg (Isoflav CR) daily for 12 weeks. The episode and severity of vasomotor symptoms were self recorded daily. Evaluation was done at interval of 4 weeks till completion of 12 weeks. Results: 29 women in conjugated oestrogen group (n=29) and 26 in phytooestrogen group (n=26) completed 12 weeks treatment cycle. After 12 weeks of treatment hot flashes were reduced significantly in 24(82.75%) women (n=29) with conjugated oestrogen group in comparison to 7 (26.92%) women (n=26) in phytooestrogen group. Night sweats were reduced in 19 (65.51%) women (n=29) in conjugated oestrogen group only. Except some minor side effects like nausea, breast tenderness, headache etc. in conjugated oestrogen group, both the groups were found quite safe and well accepted. Conclusion: Conjugated oestrogen significantly reduced the severity and frequency of vasomotor symptoms in surgical menopause in comparison to phytooestrogen, and both phytooestrogen and conjugated oestrogen were found well tolerated and safe during 12 weeks of study.

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