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The New Indian Journal of OBGYN 3(1)

Increased resistance to the uterine artery blood flow in second trimester and pregnancy outcome

Bijoy Kumar Dutta, Shubhangi Gupta


Objective: The aim of study was to observe the resistance of uterine artery blood flow in second trimester and its relation to pregnancy outcome. Methodology: This randomized observational study was carried out in 196 women attending the antenatal clinic between 20-24 weeks of gestation. Uterine artery colour doppler was done trans-abdominally and were followed up till delivery. Results: Out of 196 cases, 25 (12.75%) showed unilateral notch whereas 7 (3.57%) showed bilateral notch on uterine artery doppler. The 7 cases with bilateral notch subsequently developed complications of which 6 cases developed preeclampsia with intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) and one case had preeclampsia. Out of 25 cases with unilateral diastolic notch, 7 developed preeclampsia with IUGR, 3 developed preeclampsia alone, 3 women delivered IUGR babies, 2 developed gestational hypertension and remaining 10 cases had no complications. The predictive value of diagnostic notch in relation to sensitivity for preeclampsia and IUGR were 54.84% and 61.54% respectively. Conclusion: Persistence of uterine artery diastolic notch can be a good predictor of future foetal growth restriction and preeclampsia.

doi: 10.21276/obgyn.2016.3.1.8 Full Text PDF
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