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The New Indian Journal of OBGYN. 8(2):324-326

Ovarian torsion in early puerperium: a case report

Amanjot Kaur, Beant Singh


Ovarian torsion is the fifth most common gynaecological emergency requiring surgical management. Its occurrence is unusual in postpartum period. The usual presentation of the entity with acute abdomen may be altered in the postpartum period. Early diagnosis and surgical management help in preventing permanent damage to the ovary and other possible complications like thrombophlebitis and peritonitis. We present a case of 29 year old lady who presented with pain abdomen on day 8 of vaginal delivery. However, her symptomatology was not consistent with acute abdomen generally associated with ovarian torsion. Ovarian torsion was suspected on ultrasonography and was confirmed surgically after which salpingo-oophorectomy of the twisted adnexa was done.

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